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Are you planning to build or buy a shipping container home?

Are you ready to try this new style of living?

Looking for fun and interesting ideas to customize your container home?

If you’re thinking about decorating and doing up your container home, we have some inspiring and interesting ideas you should definitely check out.

Take a look at different ways in which you can get your container home customized, find out ideas that will help you plan the overall look better and check out fun trends and styles that you may not have seen in real yet.

Shipping container home ideas you can find on the internet

These images feature some great ideas for different types/designs of container homes:

Option #1

Shipping container tiny house

  • This tiny 160 square foot shipping container home is the perfect example of how you can get the best of style, design and modern living, even with a tiny space at hand.
  • It is entirely made out of recycled shipping containers and also uses old growth Douglas fir wood that is reclaimed.
  • The entire look and feel of the tiny container home is very modern, especially as it features a lot of wood and glass mix.
  • The windows and doors are nicely placed to add a good amount of light and air into the home.
  • The door enters into a living area that also features a small kitchenette and a cosy eating area.
  • The washroom/bathroom and bed is towards the end.  

Option #2

Modern shipping container home

  • This home has a really cool modern finish that makes it difficult to immediately identify that it is made out of a shipping container!
  • The home has a very open plan, which makes it look way spacious and bigger than it actually may be.
  • You will notice wooden slat designs on both sides of the shipping container home.
  • The containers have been used in such a way that the house also has a big sitting space on the outer area.
  • The design is done in such a way that it will allow a lot of sunlight and fresh air to circulate through the room.
  • Also, because of the way the home has been made in such an open plan, it also allows the occupants to have a bigger view of the outdoors.
  • You can also take inspiration from yet another shipping container home that has been made with seven shipping containers.
  • Even though it has a very industrial-style look, it is at once modern and personal, and definitely very unique.
  • It is a 2,350 square foot home that is drawing in curious visitors from everywhere to appreciate the design.
  • The owners have kept the shipping container look on the exterior, but matched it up with a lot of wood and glass finish as well, resulting in a stunning look overall.
  • Inside, the home has a sleek finish with a very modern appeal.
  • It has a lot of natural light and air coming in, and the use of glass windows makes the rooms look even bigger and more spacious.  
  • Some of the main features of this home are frosted-glass doors at the entrance, a 2 storey living room, modern wood siding, huge picture windows and a fenced-in backyard.
  • The home has ample outdoor seating at multiple levels.
  • The owners have chosen to keep the original shipping container look intact at a lot of spaces throughout this high-end home.

Option #3

Shipping container beach house

  • Here is another gorgeous, simple yet very interestingly designed home that is made out of shipping containers.
  • The key theme in the design of this home is the colour blue, which immediately draws the eye to it, but in a very subtle way.
  • This is more of a beach home that can be a perfect way to create your own beach getaway space.
  • It is made out of two shipping containers measuring 320 square feet each.
  • It has original mahogany floors and the home has a mix of high and low end finishes.
  • The big windows bring in enough light and air.
  • It also has two lovely sit-out areas that are quite spacious.
  • In fact, this gorgeous home made out of shipping containers has also won some design award.
  • It uses a lot of slat designs and has kept a lot of the original shipping container look, along with modern stone finishing.

Option #4

Off the grid shipping container home

  • This off-grid shipping container home is a perfect choice if you are looking for something with a rustic appeal.
  • It uses a dark finish on the exterior, with pipes and beams jutting off the roof.
  • The colour scheme is simple, with a mix of whites, off-whites, creams, browns and blacks that further add to the rustic theme.
  • Here is another interesting example of creating a mobile off-grid home using two shipping containers.
  • It has a kitchen/bathroom, bedroom/living room, solar panels, photovoltaic panels, firewood from fallen trees, rainwater capture setup, open-air bathtub, vegetable garden and more!

Option #5

Luxury shipping container home

  • Here’s a gorgeous and luxurious home that measures 1280 square foot and has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.
  • It is made using 4 shipping containers of 40 feet each.
  • The finish is classy and the use of glass on most walls gives it a lot of light, as well as open, uninterrupted views to the outside.
  • Here is another luxury home that has a very edgy look.
  • It uses the grey and black colour palette to make it look extremely modern.

Are there many different ways to make a shipping container house?

The fun thing about choosing to have a shipping container home is that you can customize it right from start to finish.

  • There are so many ways in which you can build your own container home or get it customized.
  • You can play along with the way it will be constructed, such as how to create the rooms and the spacing and the floor plan.
  • You can also have total control over the interior and the décor and make it truly yours.

How can gathering ideas and inspiration help when you plan better?

Once you start to plan out how you want to build your very own shipping container home, or what different ways you want to get it customized, having a ready list of things to be done can be a big help.

  1. You can research in advance about the space requirements for the kind of ideas you are thinking of implementing in your very own container home.
  2. You can have a ready print of some of the ideas and designs you have in mind and can discuss these better with other family members or those who will help customize the container home.
  3. Understand how a certain idea that is in your mind can look in reality when implemented in a container home.

Trends and ideas when planning your own container home

  • Paying attention to current trends will help you stay abreast of the latest design and shipping container home ideas.
  • You can see how other container home owners modify and build their homes and get inspired.

Now that you have seen so much about the luxury shipping container homes, we hope you have a better and more informed idea about how much you can do with the designing and functionality of your home. 

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