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Are you thinking of buying a container home?

Have you already started looking for some container homes that will suit your needs?

Have you tried searching for them online yet and not found one that you really liked?

If you are ready to buy a container home, then we can help you with some really good ones that you can easily buy from the comfort of your current home! In fact, in this article, we will share with you some of the best container homes that you can buy online on Amazon.

Read on to get more information and detailed reviews about some of the top container homes that are listed on Amazon. Take a look at their features, check out the price range, find the pros and cons, and all the information you need to make a more informed buying decision.

Did you know that you can actually buy a container home on Amazon?

If you thought you would have to go out and spend hours or days and weeks searching for the right builder for your container home, think online! Did you know that you can actually buy your very own container home right now, on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most known as well as most popular retail sites around the world, especially because of the many options you get and the quality they provide. And this is no different when it comes to container homes.

4 of the best amazon container house that you can buy on Amazon

Our Choice Recommendation:

Container Home / Tiny House – Pre-Fabricated, Furnished, Brand New, Custom Home

This is a tiny shipping container home that will easily transform into a one bedroom and one bathroom home on a space of 320 square foot. This choice has a sleek and modern design that makes it perfect for modern day living.

The living room has a fireplace and enough storage. This option also includes stainless-steel appliances such as full-sized refrigerator, cooktop, microwave and more. The double French doors add more light and air to the home. The home includes windows, doors, ceiling, flooring, sink, toilet, shower, outlets, lights, cabinets and appliances.  You also get a queen-sized bed with storage.


  • Comes with too many appliances
  • Ample storage
  • Stylish


  • None as yet

Option #2

Weizhengheng Mobile Home Expandable Container House One Space with a Toilet

This beautiful and sleek container home measures 21 feet X 18 feet X 8 feet and can be used as a residential space or even as a small office. This option is built in such a way that it will easily withstand most natural conditions such as sun, rain and the winter months. The home comes with very clear assembly instructions that will make it easier for you to put it up.

The layout of the home includes a roof, floor and wall panels. This offer also has 1 glass sliding door, 1 toilet door, 4 sliding windows, 1 small window for the bathroom, as well as switch, sockets, wires, AC sockets, DB box and a bathroom. The total weight of the item is 5512 pounds.

The material is rust-resistant hot galvanized steel, fireproof and waterproof. This choice is also wind-resistant and anti-seismic (9 grade). The home requires 12 pieces concrete block for the foundation.   


  • Quite spacious
  • Easy instructions given
  • This option has a beautiful and very sleek finish
  • Smart use of space


  • Only one colour option available

Option #3

MODS 40 Foot Tiny Home

This tiny home is a fully-furnished container home that is pre-fabricated and comes with a bedroom, kitchenette, living area, shower, toilet and sink. This offer also has double patio doors inside a secure container door. The home is completely insulated and it measures 40 foot or 320 square foot.

You can place this home on 10 concrete sonotube footings or on a solid concrete slab. You will have to provide for a bottom access sewer connection. The home comes with standard unit electric and water connections. The home comes with the appliances that are already shown in the images and the pricing will include the same.

The approximate weight of the item is about 12,500 lbs. 


  • Perfect as a single person home
  • Includes appliances
  • Great quality material


  • Too many windows reduce the wall space

Option #4

Weizhengheng expandable flat pack prefab module container house with solar energy

This beautiful container home uses hydraulic systems that make it easy for you to expand the container to a full home. The measurements of the home when expanded are width 4600 inches X length 5800 inches X height 2500 mm. In the folded stage, it measures width 2200 inches X length 5800 inches X height 2500 mm.

The entire house is remote controlled and you can automatically fold and expand it as required. The home is fully-furnished with a luxury toilet and shower, a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining table, an energy-saving AC and more.

The house uses solar and wind power systems to make it truly eco-friendly. The walls are made of composite fibreglass.


  • Luxurious look, finish and design
  • Completely eco-friendly
  • Easy to use


  • No option to use without remote

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Container Home Online

1. Compare with multiple options:

  • Before you zero in on a container home, try and check through the various options.
  • This will give you a better idea of construction, pricing, design and more.

2. Know the exact measurements of the space you have:

  • Make sure you have the exact measurements of the space where you want to have your container home so that it fits in well.
  • Also, understand the measurements of the container home properly, so that you know whether or not it will accommodate what you want.

3. Understand the assembly instructions:

  • Different container homes have different levels of assembly ease.
  • Find something that you think you will be able to assemble properly, especially if you don’t have any help.

4. Understand about future customization options:

  • Some container homes let you customize later while some may not be as flexible.
  • Depending on your preference, keep this option in mind.

5. Buy one that suits your purpose most:

  • Container homes can be used as a residential home, as a guest cabin, as a lake or beach cabin, as office and more.
  • Choose one based on what exactly you want to use it for.

3 Good Reasons to Consider Buying a Container Home from Amazon

1. Easy accessibility right from your home:

  • You can browse multiple options wherever you are, and whenever you want to.

2. The Amazon factor:

  • Amazon has always been known for its customer service and chooses its vendors with a lot of care.

3. Ease of comparison and customer reviews:

  • You can easily browse through multiple options in one place, check the price and features of each before you make a choice, as well as read customer reviews to find the one you want.

Pick Up Shipping Container Homes On Amazon Today

Now that we have shared with you so many options for container homes, as well as so many tips about how to choose one that will work best for you, we are sure you will find something that catches your attention.

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