2 Story Shipping Container Home Floor Plan


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Are you looking for a new home with 2 storeys?

Have you thought of living in a shipping container double-storied home instead a regular one?

Do you want floor plans and design ideas to create a multi-storey shipping container home?

If you are ready to have your own double storied container home, check out these shipping container home floor plans and designs from around the world.

Browse through the smart ideas and design aspects that will help you plan or design your very own modern container home. Use these as inspiration to make the best use of the available space, and design a home that suits your taste and needs.

Is it possible to build a 2-story shipping container home?

Yes, if you are thinking of building a two c shipping container home, you are absolutely on the right track. In fact, stacking up containers is a great way to build a multi-level home.

Difference building a 2 story container home compared to smaller ones

When you build a 2-story container home, here are a few differences you may notice compared to building a single story one:

  • Budget will be higher
  • Design will change to accommodate an upper floor
  • Building requirements may require additional structuring
  • Safety requirements to be checked in terms of staircases, open areas and so on
  • Building laws to see if it is permissible to have multistoried structures in the area

How important is it to have good floor and design plans?

It is important to have good floor plans and designs when you are building a 2-story container home. This will not only help with the aesthetics, but will also help with the integrity and sturdiness of the house you are building. Also, since container homes are usually narrow and have lesser space and some space restrictions, these plans can help you make the most of the available space. At the end of the day, plans like these are important because they:

  1. Will help the builders and prospective home owners know what is required.
  2. Can come in handy in future for maintenance purpose.
  3. Will help in clearing any building laws or regulations based on the area where you plan to have the home.

Great container home plans on Pinterest

Option #1

Tiny container home design

  • This offer is a detailed floor plan that will help you design your tiny shipping container home by using the available space to the best possible use.
  • The plan features a 20 foot stacker.
  • The first image is of the lower floor. On the left-hand side (of the image) you can see the areas for hot water, pantry area, bathroom, a composting toilet, washer and dryer.
  • As you move in towards the centre of the room, you have the kitchen area with a cooking range and sink.
  • Once you cross the sink, you reach the daybed and seating area, as well as a pull-out table. Next to that is a 1 metre staircase that leads upstairs.
  • Next to the cooking range is the entry to the home, and to the left side of the entry way you have some more corner space.
  • On the upper level, you have the sink and bathroom area on the left side (of the image), followed by a dedicated linen area.
  • The middle of the room is dominated by a step-up queen bed pedestal storage space. On the right hand side you can see the closet area and a 1 metre staircase that leads down.
  • There is also a deck area at the top.

Option #2

Detailed container home plan

  • This is an extremely detailed and well laid-out floor plan that can help you in creating your own home plan.
  • We especially love the way the designers have shared the dimensions and other intricate details.
  • Floor 1 has the master closet and master bedroom, along with a master bathroom and toilet.
  • You also have the stairway, a pantry area, a living room and a kitchen complete with a kitchen island.
  • Floor 2 has the utility area, the electrical closet, a closet, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and another room that can be used as an additional bedroom or as a study/computer room or office.
  • You also have the stairway, along with some more closet space on the other end of the floor.

Option #3

Beautiful home with multiple sit-out areas

  • This is one of those multi-storied homes that you can use for the entire family or as a space for family and extended members.
  • The design retains the natural grey colour of the shipping containers, giving it a very beautiful vintage and classy look.
  • The 2 levels have been placed on top of each other and supported with cream-coloured beams.
  • You have a beautiful and spacious sit-out area in the front of both the floors that can easily accommodate 3 chairs and a table on each floor.
  • The connecting stairway is towards the back of the home.
  • The 1st floor has a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen corner, as well as a porch.
  • The 2nd floor has a balcony and 2 bedrooms.
  • There are also enough windows and doors cut out around the sides of the containers, on both floors, to allow in a lot of natural light and air, and to make it feel more open and spacious.

Option #4

Extremely spacious home with massive sit-out area

  • We absolutely love this shipping container home that has multiple floors and has a massive sit-out area on the top level.
  • This particular container home uses 4 shipping containers that are placed next to each other as well as stacked on top of each other in such a way that they help to create 2 floors.
  • The first container on the ground floor has lots of glass doors that create multiple and individual entry points to the different rooms or parts of the home.
  • The 2 shorter containers placed next to the first big one help to add more space to the floor.
  • The top floor is also used by stacking a shorter container at the back.
  • This leaves a lot of free space available to create a big sit-out area on the top floor.

Option #5

Stacked up home

  • Here is another cute design plan for a two storey container home.
  • The container is stacked up in such a way that it creates a spacious sit-out area on the top floor.
  • In addition to the big windows and doors on the front, there are windows on the sides too to let in more air and light.  

Pros and cons of owning a 2-story container home

Compared to building a single storied shipping container home, here are some of the pros and cons you should keep in mind when planning your own 2-storied shipping container home:


  • More space
  • Convenient for bigger families
  • More freedom to design and style  


  • Costlier than a single storied home
  • This choice may not be the easiest to evacuate in case of an emergency
  • Could have permit issues

Now that you have seen these beautiful designs and floor plans from some of the most interestingly-built shipping container homes that have multiple levels, we are sure you will get some unique ideas to design and style your very own shipping container home as well. 

Extra Information That Will Help Readers

Plans for two-story container homes are becoming more and more popular as a way to build an affordable and eco-friendly home. When considering this type of plan, there are several important factors to consider. First, you should think about the size of the containers you will need and how they will fit together. Additionally, you should consider the insulation requirements for your climate and any additional features you may want such as windows or doors. Finally, it is important to think about the cost of materials and labor needed to construct your shipping container home. With all of these things in mind, anyone can make a two-story home that is unique, sustainable, and fits their needs and budget.

Ideas for Beneficial Use

The plans for shipping container homes can be used in many different ways. Firstly, they can be used to create a unique and affordable living space. Shipping containers are strong and durable, making them ideal for creating a secure and comfortable home. Secondly, shipping container homes can be designed to fit any size or shape lot, allowing you to maximize the use of your land. Thirdly, these plans can also be used to create multi-story homes with multiple levels of living space. Finally, shipping container homes are also great for creating eco-friendly homes as they are made from recycled materials and require minimal energy to construct. With their versatility and affordability, shipping container home plans are an excellent option for anyone looking to build their own home.

How To Assess The Quality Of Your Home

Shipping container designs for two-story homes are frequently compared or assessed against rivals in terms of the number of containers used, the total size and dimensions of the home, the type of materials used for construction, the amount of insulation required, and any unique characteristics that set it apart from other models. When comparing different shipping container home plans, experts may also look at things like how easy they are to put together, how much they cost, what customers say about them, and how much maintenance they need. Overall, these quantifiable categories provide a comprehensive overview of a plan’s capabilities and help consumers make informed decisions when selecting a shipping container home plan.

First-hand Usage Experience: Getting Started With Your Build

Using shipping container home designs to create a two-story home is a gratifying and cost-effective approach to build a house. These plans are made to be easy to follow and don’t require much building knowledge. Also, they are very flexible and can be changed to fit any budget or way of living. Shipping containers are strong and durable, making them perfect for building a sturdy and reliable home. Also, the plans come with detailed instructions on how to properly insulate the containers so that your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When looking for plans for a two-story container home, you should think about things like the size of the containers, how the space will be laid out, and any other features you may want to add. Once you’ve picked a plan that works for you, you can start gathering materials and getting ready to build. Make sure to consult with an experienced builder or architect if needed. With careful planning and preparation, you can create a beautiful container home that will last for years to come.

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