Modern Shipping Container Home


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Are you planning to get yourself a container home?

Are you looking for something that will be modern and unique?

Do you want some style ideas to create a container home that has all the modern amenities?

If you are ready to explore living in a container home, it’s time to scroll down and read through the article till the end. In this, we are talking exclusively about container homes that have a modern look and feel, along with modern utilities.

We will share with you some very interesting ideas and design aspects that will help you in designing your own modern container home. You can take inspiration from the ideas that we share and use it to create something that is more like your own taste. Also, if you are not sure yet, we will also talk about why living in a modern container home is such a cool idea, so read on.  

What are the features and characteristics of a modern container home?

Once you are out in the market to search for your perfect modern container home, here are a few features and characteristics you should keep an eye out for:

Option #1

Modern and safe construction:

  • A home that claims to be modern will always make sure that it includes all the important features that are needed to make it safe.
  • The home, whether it is a regular traditional styled home, or a modern container home, will be equipped to meet the requirements of high-standard safety.
  • This will include the kind of material used around the house, especially in the interior parts, as well as the different electrical and similar components that are used in the home.

Option #2

Best use of available space:

  • Modern homes are usually quite interesting when it comes to the use of available space, and a modern container home will be no different.
  • The best part is that when you choose a container home, you can build and add to your home as and when you so desire.
  • The modern versions will be designed in such a way that you get to use all available space smartly, even as it essentially looks stylish.

Option #3

Overall style and design:

  • The modern container homes will almost instantly look more stylish than their plainer counterparts.
  • In fact, there are many modern container homes that do not even look like they are made out of a shipping container!
  • These homes will have all the modern features of any traditional home, and once you walk inside, you will forget that you are inside a home that was once a humble shipping container.

What sets modern container homes apart from other container homes?

If you are wondering what makes a modern container home actually ‘modern’, the first word that comes to mind is the style.

  • The style and design of these container homes is definitely something that brands them as modern and sets them apart from the other typical container homes.
  • Also, most of the modern container homes are already up-to-date and equipped with all the latest gadgets, equipment, furniture and such which make them functionally great and supremely comfortable to live in.
  • If you think space is an issue in a container home, a modern container home will use the concept of open living to make your home look more spacious, and thus, more modern!

Beautiful and inspiring design ideas for modern container homes

Option #1

Modern and stylish black and wooden home

  • Here is a beautiful home that is out and out modern in its design and style.
  • The colour scheme is predominantly black, a colour that is forever associated with anything modern.
  • While the main look is plain black, the house also has a brick section on the exterior which helps to break up the monotony.
  • The slats design, the closed and open look of the home and the overall colour scheme make this an extremely modern home.

Option #2

Glass and wood home

  • This beautiful modern home is all glass and wood, which is a classic modernistic design.
  • The home is two-storeyed and has full glass fronts that add more natural light and air to the indoors.
  • It also features high ceilings and very big windows, which is another feature of modern home designs.
  • The sitting area in the front is enclosed in a glass railing, allowing maximum viewing for the occupants.

Option #3

Open plan glass windows

  • This gorgeous home is one of the most elegant, classy and stylish examples of modern home designs.
  • It uses a lot of full-length glass doors and windows to ensure that more natural light and air can get inside.
  • The home also uses a lot of soft yellow and white lighting that make it look modern and classy at the same time.
  • The main colours used in the exterior of the home are again a very dark brown, which is a great alternative if you are looking for something quite dark, but not black.

Option #4

Glass and wood exterior

  • This modern home uses a lot of glass and wood in its exterior that ups its modernistic appeal.
  • At the same time, the design of the home retains the blue colour and the original style and design of the shipping container, making it uniquely modern.
  • The wooden slats are a great style addition.
  • The tall glass windows and doors allow a lot of natural light and air to get inside.

Option #5

Black and glass design

  • This beautiful modern home uses a lighter shade of black on the exterior, in place of the regular dark black.
  • It also has large glass windows that allow uninterrupted views to the outside and let natural air and light in.
  • The structure retains the shipping container look, which makes it look futuristic.

Option #6

Glass and wood combinations

  • Here are some more examples that use a lot of glass and wood for the design to achieve a modern look.  
  • Most of these homes also have an open design plan that maximizes use of space and makes it look more modern.

3 reasons why you should consider a modern container home to live in

Option #1

Create your very own luxurious modern home:

  • Once you decide to live in a container home, you can be your own boss and designer and make your home as modern and as luxurious as you want.
  • The structure of the container home makes it an interesting space to experiment with style and design.

Option #2

Durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance:

  • Shipping containers are made out of very high quality steel that makes them very durable and very long-lasting.
  • This means that you will not have to do any major maintenance work in your home for a long time.

Option #3

Many options to customize the way you want:

  • A shipping container home is like building your own home using as many blocks as you want!
  • Once you start off with the main house idea, you can always keep adding more containers around it to make your home bigger and more interesting.

We are sure you had a fun time going through all the design ideas for some fun and unique container homes that are modern.

Now that you have all these ideas to work with and know why living in a modern container home can be so much fun and comfortable at the same time, we are sure you will love designing your own modern container home too.

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