Shipping Container Home Floor Plan


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Are you planning to build a container home?

Are you looking for floor plans that can help you make your own container home?

Do you want floor plans and design ideas to help you through the process?

If you are ready to have your own container home and are planning to build one, it’s important to have some good floor plans before you begin. To help you do just that, we are sharing some very interesting and smart shipping container home floor plans from around the world.

Browse through the smart ideas and design aspects that will help you plan or design your very own modern container home. Use these as inspiration to make the best use of the available space, and design a home that suits your taste and needs.

Some of the best shipping container house floor plans found on Pinterest

Option #1

1600 sq. ft. shipping container floor plan

  • Starting from the left you have a bedroom with attached bathroom, two more bedrooms, a bathroom and a study.
  • Next are the kids/family room and the living/dining area with an open kitchen on one side.
  • On the third partition you have two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Option #2

Container home plan with multiple decks and fire pit

  • This home plan has an approximate area of 1600 square feet.
  • One side has the fire pit, covered deck and summer kitchen.
  • You enter into the living and dining area with a pantry and a coat closet.
  • This opens to the deck area.
  • One side of the plan features a master bedroom with a treadmill space, master bath with spa tub, steam shower and bath.
  • Adjoining it is the home office.
  • The other side of the home has two bedrooms with a bathroom in the middle, as well as a laundry area and a video lounge.

Option #3

3 containers floor plan

  • Made out of 3 shipping containers, this floor plan has a huge deck area that runs the length of the entire home.
  • The first container has been used to make a bedroom, a robe area and a bathroom.
  • The second container has a living room and the kitchen.
  • The third has been used for another bedroom, robe area and bathroom.

Option #4

2 container floor plan

  • This floor plan also includes 3 big deck and sit-out areas.
  • You start off with the living room, the dining room and the kitchen in the front.
  • At the back of the home, you have the master bedroom with the master bathroom, as well as the second bedroom with a bathroom.
  • You also have an office space between both the bedrooms.

Option #5

3 bedroom floor plan

  • This huge home has a total area of about 2180 square feet.
  • It has a big front porch through which you enter the foyer area.
  • This leads into the open dining area, along with the great room with the fireplace and the open kitchen.
  • Adjoining it is the office room.
  • Through the kitchen you also move to the outside fireplace and the main porch.
  • On the other side of the kitchen you have the master bedroom along with the master bathroom and the closet.
  • Outside the master bedroom is the master porch.
  • Next to the dining area you have a bedroom, a bathroom, another bedroom, a plant room, storage area and utility area.

Option #6

Simple floor plan

  • This floor plan features a main deck that leads into the dining room that has an open kitchen on one end and the living room on the other side.
  • The back of the house features a sit-out area, the master bedroom with the master bathroom and a big sit-out area, as well as a smaller bedroom, a bathroom and an office room between both the bedrooms.

Option #7

4 bedroom spacious plan

  • This spacious home enters into the open living room, dining room and kitchen area.
  • The kitchen further moves towards the open family dining area and the family room.
  • Next to the living room space at the back you have the master bedroom, the master bathroom, dressing area and three more bedrooms with attached bathrooms.
  • Next to the entrance you also have the guest office and the powder room.
  • Next to the kitchen you have the pantry and the mud room.
  • The home also has a 2 car garage plan.

Option #8

Home with shipping containers in ‘U’ configuration

  • The entrance has a covered patio that leads into the dining area and open kitchen.
  • It has the living room on one side and the pantry on the other.
  • One side of the house has a bedroom, attached bathroom and closet area.
  • The other side has a bedroom and attached bathroom.

Option #9

2 40 feet containers

  • This home has two entry points leading into the open kitchen and living area on one end, and the laundry/utility area on the other.
  • The single bedroom is in the centre of the home, with a bathroom next to it.

Option #10

4 bedroom home

  • The entrance here leads to an open space, an optional desk area, along with laundry/cleaning, pantry and coat area.
  • On both sides are the kitchen and a guest bedroom with a bathroom.
  • On the other side of the house is the master bedroom, master closet, sitting/dressing area, master bath, another bedroom and bathroom.
  • It also has huge sit-out areas.

Option #11

Home plan with huge verandas

  • The entrance moves to the dining area with a kitchen (adjoining pantry) and living room on each side.
  • You have the game room and theatre room on both sides of the entrance.
  • One side of the house has 2 bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • The other side has 3 bedrooms with bathrooms.

Tips to determine the best shipping container house plans for your container home

These tips can help you decide which shipping container plan will work best for your container home:

  • Number of people in the house
  • Lifestyle and other preferences of occupants
  • Space determination for each occupant
  • Space requirements for things/accessories

What are shipping container floor plans?

  • Shipping container floor plans are usually a set of drawings to scale that will show you the layout of the container with a view from above.
  • These can help you to determine the relationship in terms of space and such between various spaces, areas and rooms in the container that you plan to create.

What would you use them for?

  • A floor plan will help you get an idea of the physical features that you can create on one level of the container.
  • You can use these to specify the size of a particular room, area or space you want to create within the shipping container.

Can you find good shipping container houses floor plans online?

If you want to go the traditional way of designing your container home, you can get in touch with architects and seek the help of professional designers and builders for this.

However, if you are game to try out something interesting and truly build your shipping container home your way, you can check out some really helpful container house floor plans here and get to work!


Now that you have seen these beautiful and helpful floor plans from some of the most interestingly-built shipping container homes, we are sure you will get some unique ideas on how to design and style your very own shipping container home as well. 

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