Shipping Container Home Design


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Are you planning to buy or have a container house?

Are you planning to give your container home a makeover?

Do you want floor plans and design ideas to do up your shipping container home?

If you are ready to play with the look and feel of your container home, check out these shipping container home designs and ideas that can help you design your very own.

Browse through these beautiful designs and styles that will help you plan or design your own shipping container home. You can use these as inspiration to make the best use of the available space, and design a home that suits your taste and needs.

21 Impressively-Designed Container Houses

Option #1

Classy and spacious home with ample open spaces

  • Two containers placed parallel with enough room in between, and covered to create a porch.
  • Doors on the front and sides for easier access and more light and air.
  • The dark brown and dim light make it look classier.

Option #2

Dark black cabin home

  • Futuristic look with dark black exterior and unique design.
  • Glass wall at the side allows lot of natural light to come indoors and uninterrupted views of the outdoors.
  • Sliding doors with hatch option can act as a shade.

Option #3

Tiny yet spacious container home

  • The original shipping container look gives it a vintage style.
  • Powder blue colour blends in beautifully with the outdoors.
  • Chest of drawers at one end can double up as side table.
  • There is a work desk in the centre and seating options on the other side.
  • Ample storage and wide sliding doors.

Option #4

Tiny home with big porch

  • This tiny container home has a big sit-out area in the front.
  • Tall glass doors at the front let in natural light and air.
  • The porch will easily accommodate 4 chairs and a table.

Option #5

Gorgeous container home with upstairs deck

  • The grey and white colour theme makes it classy and elegant.
  • Tall glass windows and doors for ample light and air.
  • Spacious sit-out at the front with a connecting stairwell to a full-sized sitting area upstairs.

Option #6

Multi-storeyed open-plan spacious home

  • Tall full-sized glass windows add a lot of light indoors.
  • Lots of windows and doors cut on the sides.
  • There is a sitting area downstairs, while the upper floor has a bed, bathroom and cupboard.   

Option #7

Simple home with big terrace

  • The bright red container home has a sliding door on the front and windows cut out on the sides.
  • Stairwell on the side leads upstairs to the full-sized terrace, where you have beautiful chairs and tables.

Option #8

Easy floor plan for small container spaces

  • The entrance has space to park a scooter or bike.
  • The door leads into the sitting area, with a kitchen/dining space and a sit-out at the back.
  • On the side, you have the bathroom and a bed at the back.

Option #9

Bright blue container home with big sit-out

  • Wide sliding doors in the front add more light and air, keeping it spacious.
  • The seating area is spacious and bright.
  • The porch has a bit of shade to make it easier to sit out in the day.

Option #10

Shades of grey

  • The different greys in this home give it a classy look.
  • The door area is wide and sliding, adding more room.
  • There is a bed on the side and a couch in the middle.
  • There is a big sit-out at the front with chairs and tables.

Option #11

Grey and white theme

  • The white interiors and white furniture makes this luxurious and classy.
  • The big fold-out doors provide enough space.
  • The glass allows for natural light to come in.

Option #12

Elevated multi-storeyed home

  • Elevated floors create parking space at the bottom level.
  • Stairs lead upstairs.
  • There are big sit-out areas on both levels.

Option #13

Multi-level home with terrace

  • This home uses at least 3 to 4 long containers.
  • There is enough room both downstairs and upstairs.
  • You have a shaded sit-out downstairs, as well as a huge terrace upstairs.

Option #14

Futuristic brown and black

  • The slat designs and use of glass makes it unique.
  • Smartly designed stand-out and sit-out areas on the upper level.

Option #15

Multi-level, sit-outs, spacious

  • Check out the smart lay out of the containers that creates more sit-out areas and open spaces.
  • Sliding doors and ample windows cut out on sides for more light and air to come in.
  • Every room and floor has an adjacent balcony or big window for better air circulation.
  • Brown and grey colours make it look stylish.

Option #16

Beautiful tree house

  • Tree house that you can also make as a regular home.
  • Elevated and multiple floors.
  • Windows on the sides.
  • Big sit-out area on the first level.

Option #17

Massive balconies

  • This home focuses on bigger sit-outs to connect more with nature.
  • It is elevated with connecting stairwells.
  • Tall rooms with multiple doors and windows.

Option #18

Beach house with sit-outs

  • Multiple open sit-outs on both levels.
  • Containers placed smartly to create a big terrace upstairs.

Option #19

Long home with big terrace

  • Black and brown theme for a classy look.
  • Connecting stairwell on the side.
  • Wide glass doors and windows.

Option #20

Geometrically designed home

  • Uniquely placed containers create a beautiful design.
  • Balconies and big windows on multiple levels.

21. Multi-level home with swimming pool

  • Grey and white theme home with ample sit-outs on all levels.
  • The big swimming pool is another main attraction here.

Can shipping container houses really be beautiful?

  • If you have not come across them yet, shipping container homes can be really beautiful and classy.
  • In fact, some container homes are so beautifully done up on the exterior that you won’t even realize they are made out of containers.
  • With the right type of design and styling, it is possible to truly transform a shipping container into a home that is not just attractive, but is also well-designed and functional.

Is designing a container house same as designing a traditional house?

While it is essentially the same, there may be some differences based on space available as well as choice or use of materials.

Do you need a designer or architect to design your container home?

You can very easily design your container home yourself, with the help of pegs and references like the images shared in this article.

Pros and cons of designing your own shipping container house

Here are some of the pros and cons of designing your shipping container home on your own, vs hiring a professional to take care of this task:


  • Freedom to design your home your way
  • You can get things done exactly the way you want
  • You can gradually work on the design instead of getting it all done at once
  • You design as per your time and convenience


  • Unless you are a pro at it, there could be a risk of wiring issues
  • You may not be aware about the various permits and zoning laws in the area
  • A professional designer may have some interesting takes on the ideas you have, and help better them  


Now that you have seen these beautiful designs from some of the most interestingly-built shipping container homes, we are sure you will get some unique ideas to design and style your very own shipping container home as well. 

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