Shipping Container Home Cost


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Are you planning to build or buy a shipping container home?

Are you looking for different styles and types that will suit your style of living?

Do you want some pricing ideas for container homes to better plan your budget?

If you’re thinking buying a shipping container home, we are here today to help you know about the different types of container homes costs that can help you plan your budget in a better and more organized way.

In this article, you can take a look at the average cost of a shipping container home, compare their pricing against the more traditional homes, understand if it actually is cheaper to have a shipping container home and check out the different factors that can have a role in the pricing of container homes.

How much does an average home cost?

The cost of an average home will usually depend on a lot of factors, and here are some of the more common ones:

  1. Where you plan to buy the home
  2. The country in which you are buying the home and its relevant property taxes and guidelines
  3. The part of the country where you are buying in and its relevant property taxes and guidelines
  4. The type of home you are buying
  5. The market rate and the inflation or mortgage rates prevalent around the time that you are buying
  6. The year in which you are buying and the going rates accordingly
  7. Whether it is a new home or pre-owned one
  8. Whether it is a regular sale or a distress sale

Are shipping container homes low-cost alternative to traditional houses?

If you are trying to understand whether or not the shipping container homes cost less than the traditional houses, and whether the former can be a cheaper and more affordable way of living, here are a few things you should know about:

  • Shipping containers come with a pre-decided size and structure, which means that you already know the amount of space you are buying and what all you can do with it.
  • Unless you really want to have a bigger space and increase your budget, you can choose to go for a simpler shipping container and build yourself a tiny home using one shipping container that will cost considerably less.
  • The container home cost will be cheaper than a traditional home of the same size and style, because the pricing will be based on the price of the shipping container, which is much lesser when you compare the price of the traditional materials used in building more conventional and ‘regular’ homes.

Factors that affect shipping container homes cost to build

Here are some of the different factors that can affect the prices of a shipping container home:

  1. Size of the container home
  2. Whether it is new or used
  3. Whether it is a single container or has multiple containers
  4. The governing property taxes

How much does a shipping container home actually cost?

Now that you are thinking of buying or making a shipping container home for yourself and want to find out how much do shipping container homes cost, the good news is, they cost considerably less than regular homes.

  • A very big home that is made by connecting and using a number of shipping containers can cost somewhere around $150,000 to $175,000.
  • This price is almost half as less as the per square foot price that you would have to shell out for a more traditionally built house.

How big is the price difference between building one and buying one?

  • The answer to the question how much does it cost to build a shipping container home will usually vary from the specific container home that is being built.
  • However, by choosing right and planning and designing it in a smart way, you can get a decently nice, stylish, comfortable and very practical shipping container home for as less as $10,000.

Average container homes cost estimates for types of container homes:

Here is a look at the different types of shipping container house cost based on the design, size, style and type of home you are planning to buy:

Option #1

Buying a small, simple prefabricated container home

  • If you are planning to buy a small and simple pre-fab container home, it can come for around $50,000.
  • Check out this tiny, simple yet luxurious home made out of a 20 foot shipping container that is under $40,000.

Option #2

Buying a large, luxurious prefabricated container home

  • If you buy a 40 foot shipping container home, it can cost you about $60,000 to $70,000.

Option #3

Building a small, simple container home

  • You can build something really small and basic for as less as under $4,000.
  • However, this will vary depending on the condition and the age of the shipping container that you are using, the types of fittings you are using and so on.

Option #4

Building a large, luxurious container home

  • Cost breakdown of the 40 foot shipping container home does not include labour cost, tools, paint, site prep, roofing, electric/water supply.
  • Used shipping container cost $2,500.
  • 5 windows cost $3,200, including cutting, welding and the windows.
  • Insulation board cost $1,000.
  • Metal framing cost $700.
  • Electrical supplies cost $1,500 including RV plug, breaker box, breakers inside the panel, outlet boxes, plug-ins, GFI circuits, wires.
  • Plumbing cost $1,800 includes stainless steel drop-in sink, faucet, bathroom vanity with sink faucet and drain basket, water heater, shower, shower valve, toilet, toilet waterline shut-offs.
  • Dry wall cost $720.
  • Flooring cost $750.
  • Heating and cooling cost $900.
  • Cabinets cost $2,200, counter tops $700.
  • Mill work cost $600.
  • Miscellaneous materials $500 including glue, screws, nails, tape, plastic.
  • Paint cost $250.

Why it’s important to know the average shipping container house cost

Knowing about the cost of an average container home can help you to plan better before you buy a shipping container home of your own. Here are a few ways in which having an idea about the price of these shipping container homes can help you make a good purchase:

  • You will have a fair idea of the size of home you need and how much you can be expected to pay for it.
  • You can plan to tighten or expand your budget in a way that can fit in the number of shipping containers you want to use for the home.
  • You can decide better on the overall layout of the house.
  • You can decide whether you should have a single level home or if you can fit in a multi-storeyed shipping container home in your budget.
  • You can plan and design your container home in a way that can range from average and functional to basic and stylish to luxurious, modern, grand, or whatever you plan to do with it in your desired budget.

We are sure that all the information you found here can help you better plan and budget in the right way for building your own unique and comfortable container home.

Now that you have all these ideas to work and have got a detailed idea of the various price ranges that different types of shipping container homes can go up to, we are sure you will love planning and designing your own modern container home. All the best!  

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