Shipping Container Cabin


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Are you planning to get yourself a container cabin?

Are you weighing the pros and cons of container cabin vs a typical container home?

Do you want some style ideas to create a container cabin that will be comfortable and practical?

If you are ready to explore living in a container cabin, we have all the information and ideas that you may need, right here in this article. Here we are talking exclusively about how container cabins can be comfortable as well as practical, and also let you take a look at the pros and cons of having one. 

We are also sharing some very interesting ideas and design aspects that will help you in designing your own modern container cabin. You can take inspiration from these ideas and use them to create something that is more like your own taste and needs. Also, if you are not sure yet, we will talk about why living in a container cabin is such a cool idea, so read on. 

7 YouTube videos of amazing container cabins for inspiration

Check out these beautiful videos that can give you some inspiration and ideas when building or buying your own container cabin:

Option #1

Shipping container turned minimalist micro cabin

  • The cabin is insulated with foam boards and heated with an electric baseboard.
  • The huge glass wall on one side allows ample light and air to get in, while giving uninterrupted views of the outdoors.
  • Windows on the sides make it look more open and spacious.
  • The cabin has a wooden look inside.
  • It also has a kitchenette, a dining table, sitting area, bathroom and Sun-Mar composting toilet.

Option #2

Shipping cabin in the woods

  • This wood cabin has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a small living area.
  • Big windows cut on the sides make the cabin look more spacious and open.
  • The beautiful outdoor sitting area is connected with stairs that walk down.

Option #3

Shipping container hunting cabin

  • This shipping container measures 45’ in length.
  • It has a bathroom, a kitchen, running water as well as bedrooms.
  • The owners use water tanks to supply water to the property.
  • It also has a septic area on the side.
  • The owners have insulated the property in such a way that it will not get too hot in the summers.
  • There is also a dedicated space for a refrigerator to hold essential items during the hot summer months.
  • Since the cabin is in an area with wildlife, there are bars on the windows for added safety.

Option #4

Hideaway container cabin in nature

  • This cabin acts as a temporary accommodation when you want to spend some time in nature away from the main home.
  • It actually uses 2 containers to create a double-storeyed cabin, complete with sit-out areas on both levels.
  • It has a big kitchen, bathroom, living area and bedrooms.

Option #5

Container cabin design idea

  • This off-grid hunting cabin is made out of a shipping container that measures 20’.
  • The basic doors of the container open into a kitchen space with the sitting/bedroom area at the other end.
  • Multiple windows and doors cut out on the sides offer enough natural light and air.

Option #6

20 foot shipping container turned off-grid cabin

  • This off-grid ocean-facing cabin is made of 3 20ft shipping containers.
  • Rainwater is collected in underground water cistern.
  • Solar-powered pump fills 1000-litre container for water needs.
  • The cabin has a 230-watt solar panel, 1500-watt inverter and total 180 amp hours of battery power.

Option #7

Two tiny container cabins

  • The first log cabin measures 8’ X 20’ with a loft measuring 8’ X 8’.
  • The second cabin also measures 8’ X 20’ and has cabinets, A/C heat unit and a set of bunk beds.
  • Both the cabins have windows cut out for more light and air.

What makes a container cabin different from typical container houses?

Here is the biggest difference between a container cabin and a typical container house:

  • A container cabin uses only one container for the entire home, where one cabin will be divided into different living spaces.
  • A container house can use a number of containers to create a bigger house, with different rooms and areas.

Can these cabins serve as adequate and comfortable homes?

While you may initially think of a container cabin as a very small space to live in, these can actually come across as quite useful accommodation in various places such as in:

  • Off-grid locations such as mountains
  • In forests
  • In other rural areas that are not very well connected with bigger cities
  • For singles and students looking for cheap accommodation
  • For someone looking for an alternate living space on a non-permanent basis
  • As an outhouse or temporary living space in the backyard

Why should you consider a container cabin over a traditional one?

There are quite a few benefits of considering a container cabin instead of going for a traditional one. Here are some of the pros and cons you should be aware of:

Pros of building or buying a container cabin

1. Perfect building material:

  • Shipping containers are made out of very sturdy material that will be durable and very long-lasting.
  • This means that you will not have to do any major maintenance work for a long time.

2. Good for the planet:

  • If you believe in the goodness of recycling, then using a container cabin can be a great choice.
  • This will avoid the container from being sent to the junk yard and can be put to better use by upcycling.

3. Very easy to work with:

  • The good thing about container cabins is that they will already come with a ready structure.
  • This gives you the perfect starting point to build your home on.

4. Can be moved easily:

  • Shipping containers are built in such a way that they can easily be transported from one place to another.
  • This means that you can move them from one place to another, which also makes these perfect as temporary accommodations.

5. Budget-friendly and versatile:

  • Container cabins are quite a good option in terms of their cost.
  • Also, you can these are quite flexible in terms of design and versatility options.

Cons of building or buying a container cabin

1. May have harmful chemicals:

  • Used containers can come with the risk of harmful chemicals that they may have stored in the past.
  • Unless you are really sure about what they were used for earlier, it may not be the safest choice.

2. May not be permissible in all areas:

  • Container cabins and homes are still a new concept in many areas.
  • Not all municipal areas may have the right permits to install the same, so make sure you speak to your local county heads.

3. Tough to control temperatures:

  • Shipping containers are huge boxes made of steel.
  • This can make it difficult to control the right type of temperature.

We are sure you had a fun time going through all the design ideas for some fun and unique container cabins that are practical, comfortable and unique.


Now that you have all these ideas to work with and know how living in a container cabin can be so much fun and comfortable at the same time, we are sure you will love designing your own modern container cabin too

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