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Are you planning to get yourself a container home?

Do you want something that is truly top of the line and suits your needs and budget well?

Would you like to find a group that has a mix of pre-made as well as customized container homes?

If you are ready to explore this style of living, or are looking to upgrade your container home, then this article can help you check out a group that has made quite the mark in the container home industry.

In this article, we are sharing details about the Container Build Group that has been in the container homes business for quite some time. Find out what all they deal in, where they are located, what kind of products and services they can help you out with and what their customers have to say about them overall.

What is Container Build Group?

  • The Container Build Group is an international industry leader in the service of creating luxury container homes that are made as per your custom requirements.
  • They are known to create luxurious container homes that will suit your budget as well as taste specifications.
  • The Container Build Group owns and operates the manufacturing process of creating a wide range of container shipping units.

When and where was it launched?

The Container Build Group has been creating some really beautiful container homes for five years now and is based in Australia.

Where can you find them, both online and in the real world?

Here are all the different ways in which you can get in touch with the Container Build Group:


Email: |

Phone: Free calling number + 61 – 1300 – 965 – 359

Contact Form: You can also reach out to them by filling this contact form here and someone from their team will get back to you.


Office address:

  • 12/34 Union Street, South Lismore
  • NSW 2480  

Showroom address (prior appointment is needed):

  • Norco Lane, South Lismore, NSW – 2480
  • Hours of operation Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm

Postal address:

  • PO Box 6316, South Lismore  
  • NSW 2480

Social Media:




What types of products and services does this company offer?

The Container Build Group is mainly into creating container homes.

  • The company manufactures a wide range of container units all over Australia.
  • One of the biggest advantages that they have over other companies who are in a similar business is that they will give you the option of having everything about the container home customized as per your specific needs.
  • From instance, not only can you get a specific design type made, but, you can actually specify all your needs and preferences, right from the design to the fabrication to the installation and more.  
  • Their team will also help you with a proper design consultation in case you want to understand more about the same, before you place your custom requirements with them.

Are container homes their main business?

The company mainly manufactures the container shipping units, which it then converts into beautiful container homes.

In addition to making regular container homes and luxury container homes, the Container Build Group also helps make the following type of units using the shipping container:

  • Granny flats
  • Pop up shops
  • Container cabins
  • Commercial use spaces

Do they sell these pre-made or do they customize?

The Container Build Group deals in pre-made container homes, as well as gives you the option of fully customized container homes that you can design and build as per your specifications.

5 things that set them apart from similar companies

Here are some of the things that set them apart from other companies that also manufacture container homes:

  1. Gives you the option to customize your home at all levels, as per your preference. 
  2. Every service is handled by them, right from manufacturing the unit to giving you the final product.
  3. Use off grid and eco-sustainable steps for their manufacturing as well as building methods.
  4. All the components used are of the highest quality.
  5. They offer some of the best pricing, services as well as quality product that are available out there.

What are people saying about Container Build Group?

Based on the reviews posted online by the customers of the Container Build Group, here are a few good things and some areas of improvement:

5 good things

  1. The staff and team are quite practical and sensible in their approach. They will give you tips and suggestions based on your requirements that will actually work well for you. They are also open to discuss various plans and ideas with their customers so that the right budget fit is achieved with the best results that will make you happy.
  2. The team very carefully takes into consideration all the tiny and big details of what you are looking for in your luxury container home.
  3. They take their customer feedback and ratings very seriously and always try to check back on what they could have done better or in a different way to make it an even more fulfilling experience for the customer.
  4. They have a wide range of container unit models that you can check out, so that even if you do not want to immediately get yourself a luxury container home, you can still try out something smaller or less expensive.
  5. The company will get everything taken care of that you can possibly need for the container home – right from the fitting to the fabric and everything else.

Few areas for improvement

  • Some of their reception staff is not always aware of where to send a specific query. They need to be more careful and understanding of customer queries.
  • They are not the best at responding to communication, so maybe the company could look into creating a specific team that looks into the same, and trains its staff accordingly.

Do we recommend Container Build Group?

If you are based anywhere in Australia and are thinking of getting yourself a luxury container home (or any other space you want to create with the help of shipping containers), we definitely recommend that you check out the Container Build Group for the following reasons:

  • All your preferences and needs are considered while creating your very own luxury container home.
  • As the company takes care of all the services themselves, all your services and follow-ups will be taken care of by the same company.
  • They will incorporate all luxuries that your new home could possibly need.
  • You can get some of the best pricing along with the best services and the highest level of quality when you use the services offered by the Container Build Group.

What kind of customer is perfect for what this company has to offer?

If you are looking to buy a luxury container home, whether pre-designed or customized as per your needs, then you are the right customer for all the services that the Container Build Group is known for.

Now that you know about one of the top luxury container home companies in Australia, we are sure that you will check them out if you are looking for something like this.

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